The new comer actress Zarine Khan is considered to be Katrina’s look alike and during her interview she told the media that Katrina is such a beautiful actress in Bollywood that she always feels overwhelmed and she further said that she have had the chance to meet her personally and she finds that Katrina is so beautiful that she couldn’t take her eyes off. She said that being compared to Katrina Kaif is a huge compliment for her and she feels overwhelmed and she feels delighted but when she takes a look at her before mirror she finds that she and Katrina stand pool apart from each other and there are not similarities between them.

Talking about her film career Zarine further said that she wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t fulfill her dreams and jumped into acting by chance. “I was always a very brilliant student, but not a nerd type. I wanted to be a doctor. But I couldn’t continue my studies due to a financial crisis and the responsibility of my whole family fell on my shoulders. Acting happened by chance. Now I can be everything – a doctor, pilot, everything,” said Zarine.

She talked about her trying times and said that she was a struggling model and was work for some small print ads to run her house. She further said that she was home surfing the net when she was called by Mukta Arts to join them on their sets of the film “Yuvvraaj” and there she met Salman Khan. She also revealed that she was a huge fan of Salman Khan and started talking to him as fans would do without knowing his plans about her to take her in his next film ‘Veer’. She continued her talk and said she asked Salman to give her autograph but he refused by saying ‘No sweetheart you will sign autograph for the world’. This is when she got to know about her selection in the film ‘Veer’ alongside with Salman Khan in the lead role.

Although Salman Khan had selected her for his next film but she had to pass an audition test to be selected in the film. She talked about her audition and said “They had auditioned lots of girls because the female lead has two different looks in the movie – one is Indian and other Western. Whoever they auditioned looked good in either of the looks, not both. Some had language problem too. They tried me and I was lucky enough to fit into both the characters and they signed me,”

She also revealed that she was not allowed to disclose her name to be selected in the film even from her friends but she was allowed to give some hints; on asking why they not allowed her to disclose her name for Veer, she said she doesn’t know about that and she was too junior to ask questions to her seniors that is why she did what they had asked her to do. Talking about her film she said Veer is a love story se in the background of a war for independence and she had played a Rajasthani princess.

Salman Khan has seen as an angry man in the film but the princess got to know the caring and understanding side of his personality. Talking about Salman she said she had heard lot from people that he is a tough guy who hardly speaks but she said she found every word false as Salman is a very nice guy and he spoke to her very nicely as well, she added further that whatever had been written about Salman had no reality, he is a nice and sweet guy with a heart of gold and he is a genuine man. She said in number of occasions that she couldn’t get some parts of her role and got scared that Salman would get angry but Salman patiently describe her how to deal with those parts it.