Veer is the latest movie directed by Anil Sharma. The film is an epic story of a warrior but the writers of the film couldn’t able to do justice to the script and what we have on screen. Neither there is nothing like epic part that impresses any viewer nor does the romantic love story make you feel romance and take you to the world of fantasy. Though the film starts with a bang, it fizzes out as soon as Veer and his brother Punya move to London. Not much time after this, the creative liberties start to flow endlessly.

A scene in the film in which Veer slaughtered number of people during his stay in London and then easily jump back to India without any damage is purely non-digestive scene. A number of such elements are in the film that make you laugh. On the other hand, Veer’s falling in love with a girl who is the daughter of his enemy could not be possible in the real life. However, the pun accidental is not enough to salvage the films. In fact, even Salman Khan’s awesome screen presence, which initially makes you overlook some faults, fails to uplift the movie as a whole.

But the film did have some positive points in it as well. Tinu Verma’s action sequences are excellent the way he present the set gives the true feel of the old times and British era before independence. But the film failed at box office because of its script. Particularly the second half seems to go on and on and on. Even the climax is excessively long, with the ending quite bizarre, to say the least.

The film has also top point which is its melodious music which has been given by Sajid-Wajid and the background score by Monty Sharma is quite impressive. The cinematography and production design are also excellent. As far as the performances go, Salman Khan was the show stealer. Zarine Khan is no Katrina look-alike and needs to lose a few pounds and take some acting lesson (she was wearing a single expression throughout the flick). Mithun was quite impressive and so were Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta. Sohail Khan was at his irritating best, while Puru Raaj Kumar and Aryan Vaid did not get any scope. All in all, watch this flick in theatre only for Salman, otherwise DVD is a better option.