Saif Ali Khan seems to be in the danger zone. This time its Aamir Khan who is keeping Bebo’s attention fixed on himself. Aamir, who is traveling across the country to promote his film 3 IDIOTS, has gifted his co-star Kareena Kapoor a saree worth Rs 25,000.

This traditional saree which is black and gold in color has been specially designed by the weavers of Madhya Pradesh. Bebo could not have asked for a better gift from her co-star who has been disguising himself and challenging people to spot him these days.

Aamir’s interest in Bebo should sound alarm bells for Saif given the fact that the perfectionist Khan is as good with charming his women as he is in front and behind the camera.

Kareena told the media that Aamir Khan wanted her to have the saree as she is a style icon and she should endorse the work of these handloom industries. The relatives of the workers accustomed to work for royal families. Kareena and Aamir went to the workers’ homes, communicated with them and saw that they live in wretched conditions and make only about Rs. 50 while the designers borrow their work and sell it for Rs. 30-40,000. Aamir has calls some of the workers to the premiere of 3 Idiots.