It is always a good entertainment watching romantic and comedy films in cinemas. But when these two genres would be combined in a single movie it would add to more enjoyment. The same enjoyment is brought to you in Gautam Adhikari’s new film ‘Love Ka Tadka’ which has been co-directed by Rajan Waghdare. The main role of the film has been played by Sammir Dattani and Nauheed Cyrusi while the other cast is included Satish Kaushik, Rakesh Bedi, Vrajesh Hirjee and Baktiyaar Irani. The film has been released under the banner of Cinema Today Pvt. Ltd on 9th of October 2009.

The story of the film revolves around the life of Aditya (Sameer Dattani) and Sheetal (Nauheed Cyrusi).  Aditya works as an executive in ‘Easy Money’ and a middle class guy trying hard to get good in his life. He has only three things in his life with which he has to deal with daily, his work, his friend Vicky and his corrupt boss. One fine day, Aditya bumps into Sheetal, a beautiful girl who mistakes him for a ‘Romeo’. And every time Aditya tries to clear the misunderstanding and prove his innocence, following the advice of Vicky, he ends up creating more mix-ups and confusions.

There confusions brought them closer and they fall in love with each other and get married but there life did not end up with ‘Happily Ever After’. Here starts the original story of the film. The first confusion of there life is that Sheetal thinks that Aditya lives in a luxurious house and a manager (as per the lies he told her, to woo her). She now becomes angry with him when she knows him all that he is not a manager and lives in a chawl.

However, they both manage to reformation their dissimilarities and pool in money to purchase an apartment. But before they could do that Sheetal’s dad (Satish Kaushik) insists on coming to stay with her. The couple by some means manages to make him stay in Vicky’s house, till they find an apartment of their own. As if this wasn’t enough, when they go to buy their new house, they run short on funds. In order to help them out, Vicky ends up cutting a deal with the house owner. He promises that either they will pay the balance within a year or forfeit even that amount which they have already given to the owner.

After solving their problems they became able to buy their own apartment but there comes a new problem that their house is in the vegetarian society and they compromise with it. But Sheetal’s father was a non-vegetarian and he doesn’t like Aditya to be a vegetarian. So, the couple decides to hide the fact that the society is pure vegetarian. What follows is a series of comic situations, where Aditya and Sheetal try to do a balancing act between the latter’s father and the society members, by smuggling the forbidden food items into the house.