Prakash Jha recently set up a TV channel entitled ‘Morya’ last month. The whole star cast of his future film ‘Rajneeti’ attended the inauguration party. The Bhojpuri stars Ravi Kisan and Manoj Tiwari were also present there. Knowingly that Katrina faces problems in speaking Hindi, Prakash asked Katrina to speak some Bhojpuri, and she had goose bumps on this request. However, Prakash gave her three instructors Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kisan and Manoj Bajpai. Katrina was willing to learn. They could manage to teach her only one line as it was hard for her to understand.”

Manoj Tiwari confirmed this happening and said, “It was quite funny, Katrina was eager about it, so the three of us trained her to speak to the crowd with ‘Ka Haal ba Patna’. She carefully wrote it down on paper and mugged it. However, instead of saying ‘Haal ba’ she kept on saying ‘Halba’ which sounded like ‘Halwa’. Bajpai and Ravi kept pulling her leg. We all were impressed with Katrina’s willpower.