The Oscar Award winning the all time hit music Composer, music director, singer and instrumentalist AR Rehman has decided to do music concerts around the world and he said to the media that he will not have time for other projects for the next few months. During his talking to media he said that “It’s a very tough schedule for me this year. I’ll be out of the country for five months which I’ve kept aside completely for the word tour,”

This series of music concerts will be the novel experience for him to visit those places where he never been before. Talking about his concerns he told the media that he puts all other works on second priority and to him his family and music comes first. His words were “I essentially need time for my music, sprirituality and family. Everything else is secondary. We’ll be going to remote places in Europe, the Far East and America. I’ll be touring from this month (March 2010). This would be my longest tour ever and I’m not thinking of any other work,”

He cleared that he will not be able to do some other works as he will be out for five months from the country and it will be foolish of him to commit himself to anything else until he finishes his concerts. Rahman says it’s a blessing to work out of his home. He said “My family is always around me. I think that’s what keeps me creatively charged. When I travel, I crave to return. My kids are growing up. It’s important that they see their father regularly. Or they’ll soon start calling me uncle.”

Clarifying misgivings about his age, he said: “I was born in 1967, so it’s my 43rd birthday (in January this year). I am an old man now. Do I feel older? It’s a good feeling. I’m heading towards the place where all of us are destined to. You are born and then one day you die. So my policy in life is to do what I want to do today, not tomorrow. If I want to do good things in life I better do them now.”