Jacqueline Fernandez who had been prior Miss Sri Lanka had recently appeared in an alien who has come from another planet Venus to find true love on earth. She is playing her second film; previously, she had appeared in the film Aladin along with the same co-star Ritesh Deshmukh. She is playing the role of Tara an alien from another planet in the film Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai.

On the other hand, Ritesh is playing the role of Rajesh Parekh and he is quite happy for his film as he said in an interview that he is often asked that when will he do some different roles and he said when he came along this film he didn’t want to miss this chance.

However, the actress Fernandez can’t be choosy right away as she is very new to film industry, but she seems to have the talent for unusual themes – a sci-fi rom-com after a fantasy romance. There are also some rumors about these two that they have come close to each other after working in the two films consecutively. But the actress Jacqueline proved the rumors untrue and said that it is quite funny that a person meet someone and suddenly it makes news. She further said that she is not focusing but to make her career.

Talking about her interests the actress said that she is open for international projects and she further said that she is game for other international films. On the other hand, Ritesh revealed his desires to stay in the regional industry and said that he has got some offers from the Marathi films and he is happy working in Bollywood.