Rapchik Rajni has just strolled in stating that she has dope about how Kareena Kapoor invited a fan to her home at Rose Queen Apartments in Pali Hill, Bandra. Recently, a guy came to Abhinetri’s residence complex and denied to move from the gate. The security guards asked him to leave but he said that he’ll only do so only if he will have look of his idol Kareena. After three days, the security officer realized that the fan is not moving to even eat something. So they informed the actress who was touched by her fan’s persistent loyalty.

Without a second thought, Bebo asked the guards to let him in, so she could meet him. After ensuring that the man had eaten well, the Kapoor kudi spent some time talking to him before seeing him off. “He was so overwhelmed with Kareena’s gesture that he couldn’t hide the joy on his face,” says Rajni. Kewl… since it’s not everyday that one hears of stars inviting their fans into their homes.