So we do know that Katrina Kaif supports her mother, Suzanne Turquotte’s charitable trust for feminine infanticide. A birdy from Bandra tells me that the abhinetri was in a sticky situation a few days ago when momma Torquoette was having an event in support of her foundation in Madhurai. Reason: Kat was shooting in Mumbai and there was no way she could take a day off work.

So Kat did the next best thing. She took a helicopter in service to fly her to Madhurai so she could attend her momma’s charitable event in the morning. And after doing all her talking to each person there and giving her bytes to the attending media persons, Kat flew back to Mumbai by the same chopper, in time for her shoot.

Well, well, well… if our actors can take choppers to and from their shooting locations, then can Sadi Katrina be left behind? Nevertheless, she’s one of the top leading actresses in the industry today, comments reporters, adding that Kat didn’t trouble the rent for the chopper on her producers, but paid it from her pocket.

All said and done, Kat fulfilled her promise as a proficient and also as a daughter, without making any argument or cribbing about how chaotic the day was getting for her.