Yesterday my friend came to me with hot news about Deepika Padukone. On asking she told me that Deepika is back to being good friends with Yuvraj Singh. As we all know that their friendship had broken when she dumped her for Ranbir Kapoor.

Nonetheless, point is that the truce was affected by a prominent owner of an IPL franchisee at the Mumbai Indians v/s Royal Challengers Bangalore semi-final a couple of evenings ago. She further discloses that this franchisee owner recommended that Deepika let bygones be bygones vis-a-vis Yuvraj who had gone to the match for a dekko.

It seems that, Deepika and Yuvi returned with the franchisee owner in his chopper and then drove off to the Taj Mahal Hotel to party. My friend tells me that she doesn’t know what Deepi and Yuvi did next for she went to her lover’s room, number 606, to listen to some classic operas over a round of drinks.