Farah Khan has hosted a promotional party for the cast and the crew of her next film Tees Maar Khan to celebrate the first schedule completion of the film. She hosted the party because there had been no wrap up gathering at Malshej Ghat where the team was based for a little over three weeks. “Everyone was being packed off in batches. By the end of the schedule, there were just a few of us left,” she comments on. She further said that she rounded up all the team members and had this party.

The party was no celebrities other than her film cast and Ritish Deshmukh was get there with Khan’s brother Sajid after the promotions for their film Housefull. After that Akshay Kumar came with his son Aarav. The actor doesn’t drink but his director got sloshed. She admits with a laugh, “I got drunk for the first time in two years.” Cheers!