Emraan Hashmi facing rumors about his new look in his forthcoming film Once Upon A Time In Mumbai in which he appeared with slightly long hair, huge glasses, printed shirts, big bottom trousers and a big mustache. The rumors about his look arises that he resembles with the underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim but in an interview with press he proved the rumors untrue by saying that his resemblance with Dawood in coincidental and he’s not playing Dawood Ibrahim in the film but sporting the 70’s look, he further said that he’s not following anybody’s look.

But, a resource from the production house discloses the character does in reality derive inspiration from Dawood’s life: “Emraan put a picture of him from the film on Facebook and Twitter in which he looks similar to Dawood. Excluding his look, even his body language is similar to the don.” Also, Hashmi‘s Twitter posts like, “Mumbai ka Don kaun – Shoaib (his character in the film)” ring a bell.

Hashmi admits he read up on criminals for research. “I researched on internet and met criminal psychologists to understand the psyche of gangsters. After that, I got to their lifestyle. As actors, we can portray any lifestyle on screen, but the challenge was to think the way my character thinks. I managed to do that by speaking with criminal psychologists,” he says.