Other than his daughter Rhea Kapoor who had made her production debut with her latest film Aisha in which her sister Sonam Kapoor playing the female lead role, Anil Kapoor has lots of things to do. He was asked in an interview that what made him going in the film industry for over thirty years and the stylish actor says that it was just because he loves acting and still being offered number of stunning roles and he’s excited at this stage of his career.

Anil Kapoor whose next home production Aisha will be released on August 6, the film narrates as young and fresh. Both Abhay and Sonam played a great couple on screen. Anil Kapoor said being a producer he and Rhea are both happy with the film the way the film has shaped up. He further said that both his daughters will learn from this film.

When Anil Kapoor was asked that is his son Harshvardhan is stepping into Bollywood or not, he replied that he is very young and completing his studies in Los Angeles right now. Although he wants to write and direct a film, we’ll have to wait and watch. Talking about her daughter Rhea he said that he can produce couple of films every year as earlier, he produced some films but this time he is looking forward to work on original concepts on the other hand, he will also be very cautious with the budgets as well.