Chitrangda Singh’s had a bad time in Indore when her hairdresser moved out with her bag and a cell phone. The actress was in a shopping mall in Indore for the promotion of her new film “Yeh Saali Zindagi” when her hairdresser Amrita (who has worked with Aishwarya Rai in “Raavan” and “Robot“) simply gone.

Talking to media Chitrangda Singh told that Amrita considered they had left the shopping mall without her. So she went for the airport in an auto. They didn’t have her cell number. Since she had her bag with her phone they kept trying. They were anxiously searching for her in the mall while she claims she had left for the airport.

Last heard, Chitrangda was thinking one of the two alternatives. Change the hairdresser or be prepared to lose all her hair worrying for the hairdresser because it seems that this is the second time the lady has taken off during a promotional tour without informing the actress of her location.

Fortunately their air tickets were with them, and not in Chitrangda’s bag. So, the team could travel back to Mumbai. But Chitrangda rejected to leave Indore until Amrita was found. Luckily, Amrita showed up in an auto rickshaw before take-off, saying she lost them in the mall. But they didn’t sure. They really have no idea where Amrita moved out to.