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Here comes news that has just told that Arjun Rampal wants to learn belly dancing. This happened when Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor and Karan Johar went to support their film “We Are Family” at the reality show India’s Got Talent and he was mesmerized by a group of girls who performed belly dance at the reality show.

He said that as a civilization, India still looks down upon belly-dancing as a talent or occupation and he wishes this feeling modifies for the better. Before departure, he repeated that he was eager to learn belly dancing soon. Hmm. Hope Farah Khan suggests him the same instructor who trained Katrina Kaif the moves for the Sheela ki jawani item number in Tees Maar Khan.


Here comes top news from Bollywood about the superstar of Indian Film Industry ‘Big B’ who is now trying to learn video editing to star his career in video editing. He revealed his attempt to edit a DVD on his own and he wrote about his first attempt on his blog at bigadda. He wrote “After an entire morning of learning how to edit a DVD on my own, I have finally managed a little snippet,”

He further said that that snippet wan an attempt to understand the business of editing. The actor posted the video on his blog. It shows him waving to crowd of people gathered outside his Jalsa home.

While describing the video, Amitabh wrote, “This is me in the red SUV coming into my house Jalsa on a Sunday evening. And this is a recurring scenario every Sunday, every evening. Then waving to the crowds accepting their love and affection, in my track suit and skull cap. The security having a tough time keeping the crowds from charging in. As I had mentioned a few days back.”

The Veteran actor Anupam Kher is running an acting school called ‘Actor Prepares’, he believes that a liar can be a good actor as well. Talking to media he said that a good liar can be a good actor as well. He further said that the journey from lying at home to lying in front of public and even in front of camera can be taught and this is what he teaches in his acting school. Before to the live audition and screen test of the Femina Miss India 2010 Bollywood Diva finalists, Anupam gave them short training and is quite impressed with some of them.

Anupam Kher, director Madhur Bhandarkar and filmmaker Vipul Shah had adjudged the acting and dancing skills of 18 finalists of the pageant. And during this Anupam Kher had commented that he doesn’t know who will win the crown, but there are few contestants who have the capability of being an actor. He is also planning to make a film by choosing some of the participants from the competition.

He further said that he didn’t judge them merely for Madhur’s or Vipul’s film, if he need someone there are lots of people among the participators who are talented for appearing in the kind of cinema he make. Talking about his interests Anupam said that he would love to produce and direct a film with these participants. He revealed that they have kept a scholarship, which will be awarded to one of the participants. They will give her three months of free training in acting. He is looking forward to direct and act with his son Sikander but waiting for the right script.

At the inauguration ceremony of the film ‘Society’ by Rahul Dholakia the Bollywood actor Salman Khan reveals that he is supporting Priety Zinta’s IPL team Kings XI although he has not watched any of the matches been played by the Kings XI or any other IPL team.

Talking with the media he says that “I am supporting Zinta‘s team, but I haven’t watched any of the matches as yet,” the film Society has been produced by Smita Thackeray, the daughter-in-law of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray.

Salman thinks that media shows the face of society so it should not increase minor issues.  Salman Khan said that illustrate good things to the people. Occasionally you make stories out of nothing and amplify some unimportant issues. Don’t do that.

Everyday there’s a new story in the Bollywood film industry. Recently, the cold war between SRK and Aishwarya had ended up and they hugged each other and patched up once again. Karan Johar played the role of the Peacemaker and it was all happen on his birthday party yesteryear. Karan Johar proved him as a Peacemaker in Bollywood film industry and moved to next level of his Peacemaking as he played catalyst who had not only made Kareena and Shahid Kapoor realized each other’s existence but also the both start talking to each other. Kareena and Shahid Kapoor patched up once again and all this happened at the bungalow of SRK ‘Mannat’ where King Khan had his celebration of My Name Is Khan.
It is reported that Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor had an encounter at the celebration party of My Name Is Khan and they had a warm exchange which is unexpected for many a times before but this time they came face to face and talked to each other rather to ignore as everyone thought who were present there. Saif Ali Khan joined the conversation later on and Karan Johar was also present there and the both Kareena and Shahid slowed down a bit and rest, as they say, is history. Later on Kareena Kapoor’s speaker said that Kareena has no problem with anybody in which Shahid Kapoor is included.

The debutant female actress Freida Pinto who had recently played the role of Latika in the Oscar nominated Indian film Slumdog Millionaire. There are tales that the directors of Quantum of Solace had talked Frieda Pinto to star against Daniel Craig for the female lead role. However things did not work out and the plan was refused. But don’t you get worried there are chances for her to be the next bond girl as next Bond movie have once again short listed Frieda Pinto’s name.

It is up to her to set up a record in Bollywood history and she will be the first Bollywood actress to be Bond girl in the history of Bollywood film industry. It is upon her to whether to star against Bond and be the first actress to star in the bond films or turn down the proposal and try her luck and skills in the Bollywood industry.

Frienda already made her debut in the Hollywood film industry by playing the lead role in the film You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger which was the directorial flick of Woody Allen. She has paid $30.00000 for the film. Frieda has also made her appearance in the chat shows like Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Show with David Latterman. She has made her mark in the Bollywood film industry as well as in Hollywood.

‘Right Yaaa Wrong’ is a new action movie directed by Neeraj Pathak which has released on 20 November 2009. The starring of the film included Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan, Isha Koppikar, Kiron Kher, Anjan Shrivastava, Deepal Shaw, Aryan Vaid, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Govind Namdeo. The director of the film has also written the script for the film and lyrics has been written by Sameer.

The story of film is about the murder of the wife (played by Isha Kopikar) of a policeman Ajay Singh (Sunny Deol). Ajay’s friend Vinay Pathak (Irfan Khan) is given charge to investigate the murder case. Vinay Pathak is Ajay’s colleague and a sharp police officer. With the needle of suspicion pointing towards all and sundry, including Ajay Singh and the investigating officer Vinay himself, the movie takes exciting twists and turns that provide lots of thrills.

Ajay’s female friend (Konkona Sen Sharma) who is a lawyer by profession also joins there investigation and tried to help them getting justice. Mind games start, with all and sundry trying to nail down the killer without much success, until Ajay brings an exciting spin to the entire drama. Who has murdered Ajay’s wife? Is it Ajay himself or is it Vinay Pathak? Or is it some third person, who is slightest suspected to be the killer? Watch the untangling of the murder mystery on November 20, to know who the murderer is. Also, expect some great action sequences by Sunny Deol.

Saif Ali Khan seems to be in the danger zone. This time its Aamir Khan who is keeping Bebo’s attention fixed on himself. Aamir, who is traveling across the country to promote his film 3 IDIOTS, has gifted his co-star Kareena Kapoor a saree worth Rs 25,000.

This traditional saree which is black and gold in color has been specially designed by the weavers of Madhya Pradesh. Bebo could not have asked for a better gift from her co-star who has been disguising himself and challenging people to spot him these days.

Aamir’s interest in Bebo should sound alarm bells for Saif given the fact that the perfectionist Khan is as good with charming his women as he is in front and behind the camera.

Kareena told the media that Aamir Khan wanted her to have the saree as she is a style icon and she should endorse the work of these handloom industries. The relatives of the workers accustomed to work for royal families. Kareena and Aamir went to the workers’ homes, communicated with them and saw that they live in wretched conditions and make only about Rs. 50 while the designers borrow their work and sell it for Rs. 30-40,000. Aamir has calls some of the workers to the premiere of 3 Idiots.

The Bollywood sensation Kangana Ranaut has now decided to work in the south film industry as well to prove her talent in this film industry as well. She had debuted in the Tamil film industry with the film Dhaam Dhoom and now she is looking forward to launch her Telugu film career with the Telugu star Prabhas. The film will be produced by the south producer Puri Jagannath who was eager to cast her into his next film.

The film producer Puri Jagannath and the protagonist Prabhas will make their return in the Bollywood film industry after a long break. Kangna is confident that they’ll put up a good show. Let’s hope that Kangna will create some dhaam-dhoom in Telugu as well! After starring in the recent film Fashion she made up her mind not to sign her films on short payments any longer. The media confirms that her skills and the directors have realized her potential that’s why they agreed to pay her as much as she deserves. However, Kangna, on her part, said, “I can’t discuss my fee.”

The new comer actress Zarine Khan is considered to be Katrina’s look alike and during her interview she told the media that Katrina is such a beautiful actress in Bollywood that she always feels overwhelmed and she further said that she have had the chance to meet her personally and she finds that Katrina is so beautiful that she couldn’t take her eyes off. She said that being compared to Katrina Kaif is a huge compliment for her and she feels overwhelmed and she feels delighted but when she takes a look at her before mirror she finds that she and Katrina stand pool apart from each other and there are not similarities between them.

Talking about her film career Zarine further said that she wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t fulfill her dreams and jumped into acting by chance. “I was always a very brilliant student, but not a nerd type. I wanted to be a doctor. But I couldn’t continue my studies due to a financial crisis and the responsibility of my whole family fell on my shoulders. Acting happened by chance. Now I can be everything – a doctor, pilot, everything,” said Zarine.

She talked about her trying times and said that she was a struggling model and was work for some small print ads to run her house. She further said that she was home surfing the net when she was called by Mukta Arts to join them on their sets of the film “Yuvvraaj” and there she met Salman Khan. She also revealed that she was a huge fan of Salman Khan and started talking to him as fans would do without knowing his plans about her to take her in his next film ‘Veer’. She continued her talk and said she asked Salman to give her autograph but he refused by saying ‘No sweetheart you will sign autograph for the world’. This is when she got to know about her selection in the film ‘Veer’ alongside with Salman Khan in the lead role.

Although Salman Khan had selected her for his next film but she had to pass an audition test to be selected in the film. She talked about her audition and said “They had auditioned lots of girls because the female lead has two different looks in the movie – one is Indian and other Western. Whoever they auditioned looked good in either of the looks, not both. Some had language problem too. They tried me and I was lucky enough to fit into both the characters and they signed me,”

She also revealed that she was not allowed to disclose her name to be selected in the film even from her friends but she was allowed to give some hints; on asking why they not allowed her to disclose her name for Veer, she said she doesn’t know about that and she was too junior to ask questions to her seniors that is why she did what they had asked her to do. Talking about her film she said Veer is a love story se in the background of a war for independence and she had played a Rajasthani princess.

Salman Khan has seen as an angry man in the film but the princess got to know the caring and understanding side of his personality. Talking about Salman she said she had heard lot from people that he is a tough guy who hardly speaks but she said she found every word false as Salman is a very nice guy and he spoke to her very nicely as well, she added further that whatever had been written about Salman had no reality, he is a nice and sweet guy with a heart of gold and he is a genuine man. She said in number of occasions that she couldn’t get some parts of her role and got scared that Salman would get angry but Salman patiently describe her how to deal with those parts it.