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Katrina Kaif has recently performed the sizzling item number in her upcoming movie Tees Maar Khan (TMK), Sheila Ki Jawani and she has got the entire nation stunned, Katrina Kaif said how she is being called Barbie and Sheila, 50-50, these days. Her image had earlier been modeled on a Barbie Doll.

Talking to media she further said that even though she worn a half-sari for the song but it doesn’t have to do about clothes as it was the attitude and the requirement of the song. When she was asked that since the item song features a struggling actor with big Bollywood dreams, if the whole thing brought back any recollections of her own struggling days, she giggled in negative stating that she had no emotional connect with it.

Katrina further said that she enjoyed the song a lot and she had a blast shooting for the song and said that Sheila is a naïve and not very bright girl.

Sheila Ki Jawani MP3 Song

In this post i’m going to share with your gays the latest music album of the Bollywood Hindi Movie Tees Maar Khan (TMK). The Songs of the movie have been sung by the singers named below:
  1. Badey Dilwala
  2. Badey Dilwala – Remix
  3. Happy Ending
  4. Sheila Ki Jawani
  5. Sheila Ki Jawani – Remix
  6. Tees Maar Khan
  7. Tees Maar Khan – Remix
  8. Wallah Re Wallah – Remix
  9. Wallah Re Wallah

Here is the Complete soundtrack listing of the latest bollywood music album ‘Life Express’ the film has been released in September and you will like all the songs in this album below….

1. Banaras Ka Paan:

2. Jhule Jhule Palna:

3. Phool Khila De:

4. Pyar Ka Namak:

5. Thori Si Kami:

The Music of the film has been composed by the famous musician Roop Kumar Rathod and the album has been contributed by the two other singers Udit Narayan And Shreya Ghoshal…. The Lyrics of the film has been penned down by Shakeel Azmi..

Sunidhi Chauhan has been recognized as a singer all the time, but did you know her ability for mimicking other artists? It’s one she says she left a “long time ago” because some people took offense. Talking to media she said that she quit mimicry just because she realized that some of the people feel offended so she gave it up. She was then asked to mimic the famous musician Anu Malik’s style of singing and interacting.

Sunidhi Chauhan will be adjudging the fifth season of Sony Entertainment Television’s Indian Idol alongside Anu Malik and Salim Merchant. Her hit songs like ‘Shut Up and Bounce’ and “Deedar De” at the launch, has been a brand in Bollywood singing for over 12 years.

She started her singing career after winning the music competition on Doordarshan “Meri Awaz Suno” and continued to give hit songs to the Hindi cinema. She has sung number of hit songs like Dhadak Dhadak from Bunty Aur Babli, Bhaage Re Mann from Chameli, Mehboob Mere from Fiza, Dhoom Machale from Dhoom, Bedi Jaliale from Omkara and Chor Bazaari from Love Aaj Kal are included with many others.

Sunidhi also discloses that one of her objects to join the show was her desire to meet small town candidates – and inspire them. She is also on the lookout for a versatile singer. She said that their main focus this time is going to be on getting an excellent singer – a singer who sings everything, including classical and then maybe some western. That will be a complete package.

“Indian Idol 5” will go on air starting next week Monday and will be telecast from Monday to Thursday every week at 9 p.m.

Abhijeet Sawant who had won the title of Indian Idol five years back, now nurtures another one. He says he would love to playback for superstar Shah Rukh Khan. In an interview he said that it has been his dream for ever to playback for SRK but he has got no such chances or offers yet. But he’s hopeful that this will happen soon. Although, he hasn’t got any chance to sing for Shah Rukh Khan but he has sung in number of films and has also released his albums following his “Indian Idol” win in 2005.

His songs “Mar jaawan mit jaawan” in “Aashiq Banaya Aapne” and “Dhoondein“, “Ek shaqs“, “Mahi mahi mahiya” and “Tere bina” in his debut album “Junoon” were widely appreciated. He has recently sung in the film “” and is waiting to doing stage shows with melody queen Lata Mangeshkar and Sunidhi Chauhan. He also tried his luck in the film “Lottery” last year, but it flopped at the box office.

Although he supposes he is not cut out to be an actor, Abhijeet is looking forward to acting in a Marathi movie. Talking to media he said that “There is a Marathi film that I have been offered. The script will be finalized by August. I am a Maharashtrian and would love to do a film in my native language. The film is about a boy who doesn’t know English and that is a big weakness for him,”

He will be the host for the fifth season of “Indian Idol” and he told the media about his feelings that “It is a totally different feeling to be a host on a show I had once won. When I look at the contestants, I remember those days when I used to be one among the millions lined up for auditions. But it’s been a wonderful journey so far and I like motivating the new ones,”

The movie Jaane Kahan Se Aaye Hai received critics that is has not retention value. The famous music duo Sajid-Wajid tried their best to present something fresh and they have tried their unique style in the film Veer but they came back to their usual style in the film Jaane Kahan Se Aaye Hai. The music of the film has neither retention value nor any potential to stand out. The music album has four original and two remix songs. The first song of the album is ‘Keh Do Zara This’ which has been sung by Rashid Ali and the lyrics has been written in both English and Hindi languages. It would have made a better impact on the listeners if the lyrics had been written in one language. The love ballad fails to create any interest.

The remix version of the song is just faster than the original but has nothing extraordinary thing than this. “Nacha main tere naal” is a predictable Punjabi dance number. Sung by Sonu Niigaam and Soumya Raoh, the fast- paced song gives you a sense of deja vu since one has heard many such songs in the past. You can hear it once.

The song is the title song which has been sung by Shaan in his melodious voice. The foot-tapping, fast-paced number manages to create an impact thanks to western arrangements. But the remix version of the song is not so good it has an average rating. The album ends up with the song ‘Koi Rok Bhi Lo’ the duet song has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Sonu Nigam. This is the best song in the album. The orchestration and the brilliantly given vocals give the song an edge. In short, the album has nothing new to offer to its listeners.

Sukhwinder Singh who is making his debut as an actor in an upcoming movie Kuch Kariye was desperately wanted that his best friend watch the first show of his film even before his family. Talking to media Sukhwinder himself told that the feedback from his friend is very important for him. But the film going to release on 23 April 2010 but his buddy had passed away before to give his feedback to his friend’s film. Sukhwinder Singh really misses his friend and his excitement turned to bereavement but then, such is life diaries.

The film Kites has lots of surprises and one of the surprises of the film is that the film has marked the debut of the Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan as a singer on the big screen. The Reliance Big Pictures is launching the music album of the film on the national television as a roadblock by airing Hrithik’s debut song ‘Kites in the sky‘, in English, along with some behind-the-scenes recording on 29th March at 9.30 p.m. across 40 television channels.

Talking to media the star Hrithik Roshan reported that he was nervous to make his debut as a singer, thinking that he comes from a family that is famous in the world of music, but for this very reason his uncle, Rajesh Roshan and director Anurag Basu, were most certain that he could sing. He further said that he has given this song his best and sincere shot, but I still don’t consider him a professional singer.

The most awaited movie of the Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan ‘Kites’ has been launched on 24 March at the radio station. This is the first Bollywood movie album premiere which has been launched on a radio channel in the history of Hindi Cinema. On the premiere of the music album Hrithik Roshan told the media that he is looking for some good feedback for the music as it is for the first time that a music premiere has been happened on a radio channel. When Hrithik asked how the promotions will go differently from other movies he replied that he is not a marketing guy but an actor who don’t think on those terms but his acting and he loves doing acting, so it is useless to ask him about promotional terms. He further said that the marketing team will keep him updated with promotions and they ask him what to do and he will do whatever he can do.

The director of the movie Anurag Basu told the media about the film, he said the film will be released in both Hindi and English languages. During his talk he summarize the film and said that the film is about two lovers and their thrilling journey filled with precious moments and unexpected betrayal.

It is reported that the Mexican actress of the film is very interested in the film and it is expected that she will come to promote the film but the movie is all set to release on May 21. The protagonist of the film Hrithik Roshan said that Barbara Mori, who played the lover of Hrithik Roshan in the film, will possibly come to promote the film on the 20th of next month.

Asked whether he has flown kites, Hrithik said: “Yes, I remember papa used to teach me. We used to live on the 13th floor of a building… I was too small and I used to wonder that the kites seems so light but when it’s flying, it’s really hard to hold the ‘manja’ (string). I remember that really clearly because I could not hold it and it used to keep flying away from my hand.”

The Oscar Award winning the all time hit music Composer, music director, singer and instrumentalist AR Rehman has decided to do music concerts around the world and he said to the media that he will not have time for other projects for the next few months. During his talking to media he said that “It’s a very tough schedule for me this year. I’ll be out of the country for five months which I’ve kept aside completely for the word tour,”

This series of music concerts will be the novel experience for him to visit those places where he never been before. Talking about his concerns he told the media that he puts all other works on second priority and to him his family and music comes first. His words were “I essentially need time for my music, sprirituality and family. Everything else is secondary. We’ll be going to remote places in Europe, the Far East and America. I’ll be touring from this month (March 2010). This would be my longest tour ever and I’m not thinking of any other work,”

He cleared that he will not be able to do some other works as he will be out for five months from the country and it will be foolish of him to commit himself to anything else until he finishes his concerts. Rahman says it’s a blessing to work out of his home. He said “My family is always around me. I think that’s what keeps me creatively charged. When I travel, I crave to return. My kids are growing up. It’s important that they see their father regularly. Or they’ll soon start calling me uncle.”

Clarifying misgivings about his age, he said: “I was born in 1967, so it’s my 43rd birthday (in January this year). I am an old man now. Do I feel older? It’s a good feeling. I’m heading towards the place where all of us are destined to. You are born and then one day you die. So my policy in life is to do what I want to do today, not tomorrow. If I want to do good things in life I better do them now.”